Arden Grange

Adult Chicken With Rice

6kg - £21.99
12kg - £37.99

High proportion of high quality chicken (32%), no battery farming, and no growth hormones or antibiotics. Medium sized kibble.

Arden Grange

Adult Salmon with Rice

6kg - £24.90
12kg - £44.99

For those requiring a diet to support optimal skin/coat condition, that is easy on the digestion and for those dogs that enjoy a larger kibble size.

Arden Grange

Adult Lamb With Rice

6kg - £23,99
12kg - £42.99

Has an especially appealing aroma to dogs, for dogs with a dietary allergy or intolerance to chicken protein - lamb provides an easily digestible alternative primary protein source and for older puppies (12 wks+) and juveniles who cannot tolerate chicken based feeds.

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